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  Affordable but Durable Blades for the Filipinos  

Who We Are

Samurai Katana Sword Philippines offers "You Design It We Will Forge It" basis, Were you can customize your blade design.

We are forging almost all kinds of blade/s for your sword/s that you want to own or collect, just email us or send it in Facebook messenger the design that you desired to the blade/s don't forget to put your specification, our available steel here locally is SPRING STEELS (5160 and 9260) and STAINLESS (330 and 440c) (For Display Purpose Swords and Kitchen Utensils) but we can produce high end steels per request from our FOREIGN FORGE PARTNER (High Carbon Steels: 1095), Tool Steel (T10, W2, T8, D2, 4340, 4140), L6 Bainite, High End Damascus (Folded Steel) using High End Steel Type Billet and even TAMAHAGANE), Just send an email with your design, specs and steel type, then if your design and specs approve by our Filipino Blacksmith/s, In 3 weeks to 1 month waiting time you will have your sword/s courtesy by our Pinoy Skilled Blacksmiths especially in North Luzon.

Email me your DESIGN and SPECIFICATIONS at, I will forward the email to the Blacksmith, they will tell me if they can do your design then call or text me at +63921-4577-111 for pricing.

We require at least 50% down payment of the item/s price for security reason and not ordering for fun or joy bidding only, we encountered already a person like ordering a sword explaining like here and like there like an expert but when the item was already finished forging and then I try to reach / call him but  we cannot reach him anymore, so the purpose of why we are asking for 50% down payment is to prevent scammers / joy bidders, 2 to 3 weeks or more to produce a hand forged blade, it depends on the season (like if there is a Festivals where the Blacksmiths are busy doing souvenirs). You can send it in my NAME via known money transfer companies like Western Union, M Lhullier or the kind using your personal identity, Smart Padala and G-Cash is optional because of the kind of transaction using cellphone numbers only.

We also doing blades for Costume Play (Cosplaying) ,Martial Arts Training Swords and Knives (unsharpen and wooden swords, knives and sticks) and Small Blades for Souvenirs. Discount for bulk orders will be given.


NOTE:  We are requesting for additional SHIPPING FEE for the client/s outside NCR or INTERNATIONAL client/s.

From our partner in Thailand now Samurai Katana Sword Philippines and Falcon Swords Philippines is now an official licensed and the only one distributor here in Philippines of their products, Sasorai Nihonto Exclusive (Original Imported Nihontos from Japan) and Sakuraki Taikushi (Thailand finest High End High Quality Japanese Style Swords) Now it is OFFICIAL with Certification.

Ms. Jennifer Lee of the girl group dancer "Viva Hot Babes" just bought to us 2 pcs of locally made Japanese Style Swords Katana last December 14, 2019 for practice purpose on her sword training.

Our Dragon Themed Locally Made Katana was rented on this Studio Shoot of MTV Asia last October 24, 2019 at Photography Studio Central in Eugenio Lopez Jr. Drive in Quezon City and it is used by the Actor / Rapper Singer ABRA and we have also the opportunity to have picture taking together with Singer Darren Espanto holding our Katana, The name of the segment is MTV Asia's 5 in 5 were the host will test the invited guest actor / actress / singer to overcome their fears and do 5 things they always wanted to do and at the same time 5 thing they don't want to experience or to do.

Thanks to the staffs of Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (One at Heart, Jessica Soho) of GMA Network for including Samurai Katana Sword Philippines in their segment airing on sunday July 30, 2017. With my wife Mylene L. Buñag who is taking the photo.

Samurai Katana Sword Philippines are being part of the shooting AHA! segment episode airing on February 5, 2017 showing some cutting skills and some Foreign Made Swords courtesy of FALCON SWORDS PHILIPPINES and the one using by Miguel Tanfelix courtesy of our Local Forge in Northern Luzon.
AHA! is a television program on the GMA Network. It began airing on April 4, 2010, and is hosted by Drew Arellano. The show promises to share interesting facts and trivia about a wide range of topics to the viewers.

Our photo when we are guested in Pasiklaban sa DWIZ 882 (Mar Lopez / The Big 3 Sullivanslast  December 11, 2016 together with my wife Mylene Logatoc Buñag promoting our Samurai Katana Sword Philippines products and other Philippine made blades from our local skilled blacksmiths specially in the North Luzon

Special Thanks to Sir Alejandro "Kuya Kim" Atienza for making me a part of the ABS-CBN Segment Matanglawin last September 11, 2016 showing my cutting skills and some local and foreign japanese swords.

Our World War II Shin Gunto bought by Sir Yoshihiko Hara was used in the movies Cinemalaya's "DAGSIN" and "KIDS OF WAR"

Our Magnum Tanto was used in the RIBBON CUTTING CEREMONY of NOBU HOTEL MANILA with Hollywood Actor Robert De Niro and Chef Nobu Matsuhisa  (holding the Tanto)

Cast of the ABS-CBN Teleserye: Juan Dela Cruz and the Blacksmiths of Pozorubbio, Pangasinan.

Our BLADE/S are made from SPRING STEELS (5160 AND 9260 Variety) and 330 and 440c Stainless Steel for DISPLAY SWORDS and KITCHEN UTENSILS, and to clarify that the "TANG" of those blades are not "Spot welded" like someone "EXPERT IN SWORDS" says just to sell his swords, The TANG are together with the blades when they are forged by our Filipino Blacksmiths, We know that some of the Filipino Traditional Weapons are they said "RAT TANG" It does not mean it is not durable, some of our Filipino ancestors using Bolo, Itak Tagalog, Kampilan and other forms of Pinoy made blades and there's no problem since they are using it.

Special Thanks to:

The Blacksmiths / Blade Smiths of Pozorubbio, Pangasinan.

and the Blacksmithing Team of Calasiao, Pangasinan

To Sir Orly Trinidad of Super Radyo DZBB.

Thank you very much.

Why Us?

This is a pure Filipino Blacksmith Products, Philippine Made Blades can be ordered here, just give us a call or text then email your design, we can talk further to prevent mistakes from your order, add me in your yahoo messenger as: maskrider2001 then we can talk all about what you want in your items / blades.

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